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SILOM THAI THERAPISTS offers authentic Thai massage and aroma oil massage by Thai and Asian male therapists.

The interior is decorated in Thailand, and you can experience a special course available only at our shop in a local atmosphere.

We have a real Thai male therapist, who is said to be difficult to find, and we will propose a course specially designed for you.

Your therapist will work with you to soothe your body and soothe your spirit.

We will do our best to relieve your daily stress and provide you with the best possible service. Also, we therapists do not discriminate against foreigners or gender. We do our best to satisfy all our customers


Female, straight, LGBTQ+ plus, all customers
I would appreciate it if you could use it.
I will do my best to make customers say "thank you"
Let's eat.
I think it's worth the price.
We aim to create a store that is “a trusted store nearby”.

Since it is a completely private room, please prepare a quiet and safe private space.
I'm here.


At our store, we prepare tea, towels, and hand sanitizer to welcome customers.
We welcome you.
Please take a mouthwash before and after the service.
We also ask our customers to take a shower before receiving a massage.
I'll take it. (Excluding Classic Course)

If your body temperature is 37 degrees or higher, we will ask you to measure your temperature.



Silom Thai Therapists

Clean, beautiful and high security

We have private rooms.


Orient Shinjuku, 1-15-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

* We will inform you of the room number after the reservation is confirmed.

Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Sanchome Station C8 Exit 4 minutes on foot

Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station Exit 1 2 minutes on foot


About treatment

We will propose a course designed especially for you.

Your therapist will work with you to ease your physical fatigue and soothe your spirit.

We will do our best to relieve your daily stress and provide you with the best possible service.

Classic Course

Traditional Thai Massage + Foot Bath + Foot Wash Service by Thai Male Therapist

60min ¥7,000
90min ¥9,000
120min ¥11,000

Silver Course

Aroma oil massage + self shower by Thai male therapist

60min ¥9,000


120min ¥13,000

Gold Extra Course

Our recommended course that treats the body and mind at the same time. Thai massage + aroma oil massage + lymphatic massage by Thai male therapist

60min ¥12,000
90min ¥15,000
120min ¥18,000

Platinum Extra Course

Thai traditional massage to soothe the body, Thai aromatherapy massage to soothe the mind, refreshment to soothe the soul, and beauty therapy with facial massage for immediate results.

150 minutes ¥25,000

Executive Extra Course

Heal your mind and body after work and travel. Perfect for those with limited time. 45 Minutes Thai Aromatherapy + Refreshment by Thai Male Therapist

45 minutes ¥10,000






90 min ¥15,000

120 min ¥20,000

+ 往復の費用 ¥2,000

+ 実際のタクシー料金

Flow of treatment

1. Reservation

Please make a reservation using the reservation form or by phone.
After booking, we will inform you of the address by e-mail.

2. Visit

We will welcome you with tea and wet towels.

3. Preparation for treatment

Except for the classic course, you will be asked to take a shower before the service.

4. Start treatment

The therapists serve guests with mind and body massage therapy.

5. End of treatment

Take a shower to cleanse your body.


【By appointment only】

​ Click here for reservations

in the booking form



by phone


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