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Course introduction


We will propose a course designed especially for you.

Your therapist will work with you to ease your physical fatigue and soothe your spirit.

We will do our best to relieve your daily stress and provide you with the best possible service.


Classic Course

60min ¥7,000 / 90min ¥9,000 / 120min ¥11,000

Traditional Thai Massage + Foot Bath + Foot Wash Service by Thai Male Therapist

For the convenience of the massage, we provide a change of clothes.
The customer first starts the massage in the prone position, and the staff gradually warms the muscles, and then both the prone and supine positions perform the traditional massage.
We will do a course of traditional Thai massage.
Customers who have booked the 120 minute course will be asked to wash their feet with lukewarm water and foot cleanser before the massage.

Silver Course

60min ¥9,000 / 90min ¥11,000 / 120min ¥13,000

Aroma oil massage + self shower by Thai male therapist

Please take a shower before serving. Towels are provided.
After taking a shower, you will be asked to lie down on your stomach. Beginning with a warm-up massage followed by a back and front oil massage
If you don't like being massaged naked, please let us know. We provide cloth. Customers who want paper underwear
Please let us know.
After the massage, it is up to you to take a shower or not.
If you take a bath, we will give you a new towel.


Gold Extra Course

60min ¥12,000 / 90min ¥15,000 / 120min ¥18,000

Our recommended course that treats the body and mind at the same time. Thai massage + aroma oil massage + lymphatic massage by Thai male therapist

This is our signature course.
Please take a shower before the service. Towels are provided. After showering, wipe off the water,
Begin the massage from the prone position. Massage begins with warming the muscles, authentic Thai massage,
Enjoy the time with the male therapist as the oil massage and gentle and careful treatment will follow.
Healing hot water will heal your mind and body.
Lymphatic massager with massage position and massage method specially designed as a signature course for customers
Finish with a massage or lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic massage, massage hands and feet.
Then massage lukuansa. Helps blood flow and balance. Also, if treated regularly, better
It also helps maintain sexual performance. Massage stimulates the lymph nodes, allowing the body to expel toxins through the lymphatic vessels.
allow it to come out. It helps strengthen the immune system by removing waste products from the body in the form of sweat and urine.
Helps reduce edema. Helps reduce aging problems. It can relieve migraines.
Clients enjoy a very special massage and can touch the body of the therapist if desired.
Whether you like a chest massage or a testicle massage, we will respond precisely to your needs.
vinegar. This course is specially designed to heal both the body and mind and this course allows the client to
Refreshments Handling or touching therapy in the wrong position may cause injury, so be careful.
After your massage, your therapist will take you to the shower to cleanse your body.


Platinum Extra Course

150 min ¥25,000

Traditional Thai massage to heal the body, Thai aromatherapy massage to heal the mind, refreshment to heal the soul, Beauty therapy with facial massage, you can feel the effect immediately after massage

Mask your face with an extract from the popular and high-quality Thai rice bran oil that delays aging.
This is a culmination of courses developed for both men and women, carefully selecting only high-quality products for our customers.
[Features of Thai luxury jasmine rice bran oil facial mask]
The Pinara Jasmine Rice Mask Sheet is light and easy to shape, and has plenty of serum in the mask.
Contains, absorbs quickly and gives a mild rice flavor.
Juicy skin immediately after use. Formulated with 3 types of high-quality peptides that suppress the breakdown of collagen.
And the production of collagen under the skin layer, which protects the skin from irritation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles due to aging.
Pinara Jasmine Rice Mask Sheet is a nourishing mask sheet enriched with Thai Jasmine Rice Extract.
It's a boot.
Organic Japanese rice, rice bran combined with innovative 4D hyaluronic acid or 4 molecules of high quality hyaluronic acid
oil. This is a PHA that helps deeply nourish all layers of the skin, keeping it gentle and exfoliating.
(corn extract).
Does not irritate skin. (AHA ratio) Synthetic coloring is not used. Paraben preservative free. and does not contain alcohol.


Executive Extra Course

45 min ¥10,000

Heal your mind and body after work and travel. Perfect for those with limited time.

A 45-minute oil massage and Thai aromatherapy + refreshment by a Thai male therapist.
A fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for appointing a therapist.





90 min ¥15,000

120 min ¥20,000

+ 往復の費用 ¥2,000

+ 実際のタクシー料金


* If additional services such as extension are required, 3,000 yen will be charged every 30 minutes.

※セラピストの指名には1,000 円の手数料がかかります。


Flow of treatment

1. Reservation

Please make a reservation using the reservation form or by phone.
After booking, we will inform you of the address by e-mail.

2. Visit

We will welcome you with tea and wet towels.

3. Preparation for treatment

Except for the classic course, you will be asked to take a shower before the service.

4. Start treatment

The therapists serve guests with mind and body massage therapy.

5. End of treatment

Take a shower to cleanse your body.


【By appointment only】

​ Click here for reservations

in the booking form



by phone


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